Athletic Flooring Cleaning and Restoration

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Before and After Cleaning

Hayner’s Sports Flooring has been in business since 1998, and we are pleased to announce that we have expanded our business to now offer a professional cleaning service for our clients.

Facilities choose rubber flooring products because they look good and hold up over time. Many of our clients are realizing the importance of a thorough cleaning and sanitizing, which then help to ensure longevity and over all condition for their investment in rubber flooring.

Let our professional service restore the original color and sheen, as well as provide necessary sanitizing. We will clean and sanitize the entire floor, not just “around” the equipment but underneath it as well.

Our cleaning products are FREE of harsh chemicals, and are “MRSA” approved. Our professional cleaning machines will get the job done.

Please call for a written estimate and consultation. Call Chris Hawkins at (480) 310-0780.

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