We use the highest quality recycled rubber products including rolled goods, tiles and ultra tiles.

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Everlast fitness flooring, manufactured by ECORE, has been leading the industry in innovative product development since its foundation in 1989. For more than twenty years, Everlast has been transforming pre and post-consumer waste into performance products. Since Everlast is made predominantly from recycled tires, the fitness floors that result perform in the same sense.

Tires are tough, which helps them handle miles of abuse. This same attribute holds true for Everlast flooring. It’s durable, while having excellent slip resistant properties. Rubber’s inherent traits make it superior at absorbing impact force. This unique combination of attributes make recycled rubber the ideal choice for fitness applications.

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Manufacturer of Everlast Fitness Flooring

Nike Grind Partnership

Everlast Fitness Flooring contains Nike Grind, a premium-grade raw material made from recycled athletic shoes and Nike footwear manufacturing scrap.

itstru technology

Everlast Bounce, Performance and Terf feature ECORE’s patent-pending itstru technology. This process allows a wear layer to be fusion-bonded to a post-consumer recycled rubber backing.